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A healthy living

Healthy living refers to the way of life that is considered good and health promoting. It involves doing and practicing a healthy routine on a daily basis. Healthy living promotes the overall wellness of a person; physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. It takes time to cultivate healthy living practices and discipline as well as a daily routine is a great way to kick start healthy living.
When it comes to matters of healthy living, a person’s lifestyle is the chief aspect in question. Lifestyle choices affect how healthy a person is. There are choices that could improve the health of a person. While others will only bring it down and cause illnesses and pain. The first step to healthy living is by getting adequate and proper nutrition. A healthy diet ensures that the body functions properly and its energy requirements are met sufficiently. A diet rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables is low in cholesterol and high in fiber and other healthy supplements required by the body. Exercise is also an important aspect of healthy living. Being physically active has great benefits to the body. Physical activity boosts energy, helps to control weight and keep cardiovascular illnesses at bay. A physically fit person general feels better; mind and body.

A social enivironment improves health

Social lives could also promote the general well being of a person. Being surrounded by people who genuinely care about you like friends and family is a boost to one’s well being. Being socially active is important for a long and happy life. It reduces isolation and chances of getting stressed. One can get help on issues affecting their lives from friends and this reduces chances of bottling up emotions that could cause stress. Living a life with little or no stress reduces risks of illnesses such as high blood pressure and heart disease.
Putting an end to unhealthy lifestyle habits is important for one to lead a long and healthy life. Habits such as excessive consumption of alcohol and abuse of drugs deteriorate one’s health. Keeping away from these practices is a sure way of living a healthy life. Smoking and eating junk foods are also habits that deter healthy living. Often, the devastating effects of poor lifestyle choices may be irreversible and life threatening.

What we know in research

Researchers have delved deeper into the topic of healthy living and have come up with findings that could be vital for all people. Firstly, healthy living is not something that people do when they are grown up and aging. Healthy living starts way before birth. An expectant woman’s lifestyle greatly impacts on the child they are carrying. A mother to be who is constantly stressed risks making their child susceptible to stress when they grow up. Expectant women who also consume alcohol heavily may deliver children with disabilities. On the other hand, a happy childhood has been shown to promote longevity and reduce risk of heart disease in future. People who are spiritual or in fellowship with a supreme being, have also shown to live longer lives. This could be because of their contentment and fulfillment in life or the fact that they believe in a greater power thus worry less.
Engaging in regular physical activities and keeping fit reduces risk chances of several cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and diseases and high blood pressure. Exercises boost mental wellness and bone density too. By boosting the overall physical and mental wellness of a person, their longevity is also increased.
Researchers have also found out that people who are happier, have a social life or are married live longer lives than those who are stressed, sad and single. Having companionship and love and friendships is a great way to reduce daily stress and live longer.

Who is healthy and who is not?

So, how do you differentiate or know that a person is living healthy? The body is a good indicator of healthy living. When people are not healthy, the body signals this. To know that one is living healthy, blood pressure and cholesterol levels should be at a normal and healthy level. Healthy and radiant skin is also a sign of good health. Being mentally alert and clear vision are also indicators of a healthy person. Feeling energized and happy, having restful sleep, regular bowel movement, healthy and stable weight among others are also other signs of being healthy.  These signs are however not 100% surety of total health. Only a thorough medical examination can show this.