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The 5 most popular diets


Many people have the belief that diets do not work simply because they tried out one and it did not go well with them. The reason is that most people want a quick fix using diets and they forget that diets work in long-term basis and they would require an individual to change their lifestyle. Therefore, for an individual to benefit when using a diet there must be a complete over whole lifestyle change. It would mean balancing the amount of calories that one consumes, as you cannot expect to lose or maintain weight by consuming more calories than you can burn. So one may ask which diets have proven best scientific results.
Here is a list of the five most popular diets:

Detox Diets:
These have become very common in the market, with dieters being encouraged to use juices or restricting some things such as caffeine, gluten, alcohol, animal protein, tobacco, sugar, common allergens and refined foods in order to cleanse the body and get rid of the excess fat. In addition, in addition, individuals are encouraged to eat more fruits and vegetables, lean protein. This type of diet does not support working out since it does not provide the individual with the necessary energy required for exercise. Therefore, individuals are not encouraged to work out as they may become dizzy, nauseated, and generally may end up losing muscle mass. For that reason, detox diets are viewed as a means of cleansing the body so that an individual may start a healthier diet plan in order to maintain a healthier weight.

High Protein Diets:

This is another common diet in the market that is said to promote not only weight loss but also is best for building muscle. High protein diets have low calories and help one maintain the lean muscle as they are losing weight. The diet still provides the daily calorie content as protein has been scientifically proven to be one of the filing macronutrients. As a result, an individual using this diet will not suffer hunger pangs as it helps an individual control his or her hunger as well as keeps the individual full. In terms of burning calories, protein has been proven to increase burning of calories in the body.

3- Hour diet:

This is another diet plan that is popular in the US market. It is based on allocating small portions of food that are spread after every three hours throughout the day. With this diet, an individual is not restricted to any food types except he or she has to control the potions of food. The diet is based on the theory that continuous eating constantly keeps the metabolism high and running, which results to burning fats without prohibiting an individual from eating foods such as fried chicken, bacon, red meat, even candy bars. Therefore, an individual will not be starved, as this slows down the metabolic rate those results to storing fats in the body.

Best Life diet:

This is a all-inclusive diet plan that is popular in the market that encourages an individual to change their lifestyle by eating healthy, exercising in order to achieve better health. The diet ensures that an individual is able to deal with overeating, which is one of the causes of weight gain. The diet is meant to discourage individuals from having the mentality of quick fix diet programs that make one lose weight drastically but in the end do not help one maintain a healthy weight. The diet is categorized into different phases where some phases involves an individual being trained on how to maintain healthy eating habits and reduce alcohol intake as well as not eating two hours before bed time. In another phase, an individual introduces physical activity.
Blood Type Diet:

This is popular as individuals are advised to eat right depending on their blood type. The theory with this diet is that each blood type digests food differently. The diet poses that there are certain food proteins that are digested slower by particular blood types, hence lowered metabolism, bloating, and even diseases. The diet provides individualized dietary plans as certain food types are encouraged for particular blood types that will result to benefiting the general health of the individual.

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